» » Fulfilling sexual desires through swinging

Fulfilling sexual desires through swinging

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Having Marriage Problems? Maybe It’s Time to Swing…

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Swinging: Is It Just Sex?

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Moogulkis 28.02.2018
You ever think of inviting a female admirer?
Zulushakar 26.02.2018
Bacchus You are missing the point! I credit my fellow humans for teaching a lot of things that I consider valuable including the golden rule, but calling them Christians is not completely accurate, because not everyone who currently teaches or who has ever taught this is Christian. The Bible for example was canonized by Emperor Constantine and his twelve holy priests, but Constantine was NOT a Christian, in fact, he was a paganist who worshipped the Sun God Re/Ra and only got baptized before dying “just in case he was wrong. If you want to give credit where credit is due, then credit a Paganist, not Christians, for most of what people read, and teach today, because without the Roman Paganist Constantine the Great there would be no modern day Kings version of the “Bible”. Constantine and his chosen high priests went through hundreds of religious books that were floating around at the time and they cherry picked which ones they felt would help organize the masses under one theology and he and the twelve high priests canonized those books and then Constantine ordered all the other books to be destroyed. And anyone who was caught reading or worshipping any of those other books that were not included canonized were severely beaten or killed. Everything that is in the Bible was written by man (Not some omnicient, omnipotent being and that is the TRUTH!
Sazshura 26.02.2018
nm I banned it lol
Vulkis 07.03.2018
with practice